What People Are Saying About The Official SAW Escape Room Experience

This is the first Escape Room I have ever been through and let me tell you, any other Escape Room is going to have a hard time topping this one! It was amazing and definitely had that “Saw” feel to it. Upon arriving, you are on edge waiting for someone to come up behind you, snatch you, and put you in a trap. The set up was fantastic. They put thought into every detail. If I am ever in Las Vegas again, I will definitely be going again. I will also be recommending it to everyone as well!

– Cassie A 

Best escape room I’ve been to yet! If you’ve seen the movies the rooms are spot on with the movies and scenes from them didn’t finish but made it to the last room!

– Domenico D

Extremely detailed, challenging and fun experience!!!

– Drew B

These guys nailed it so hard. The experience is fully immersive from top to bottom. There wasn’t a surface in the entire complex that wasn’t hit with a Hudson sprayer, giving everything an appropriate layer of grime…and the well-placed cobwebs were perfect. 

– Tory H

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!! I had high expectations being this is the official Saw escape room and all- and they completely exceeded my expectations! You really do step right into a saw movie. Loved loved LOVED it!!!! Can’t express it enough!!!!

– Lora K

Brain buster…creepy…and full of fun!!!! So happy to have this as a full time installment in Vegas!!

– Chantell A

Best escape room I’ve ever done! Everything was detailed, well done and challenging. Definitely recommend it!

– Angelina L

This is amazing!!!! So detailed and super creepy!!

– Shawna G

An escape room to the next level. The detail, the execution, the theme itself… if you love the saw series and want a taste as to what it feels like to be a part of jigsaws game, come check this place out. You will NOT be disappointed!

– Hailey M

I loved how much work was put into this escape room. Great actors, cool merchandise, awesome staff.

– Erica C

You can tell this escape room was built with love.

– David T

I think I’m in love the amount of time and work put into this really shows. I want to keep going back until I master every room! It’s a must see for everyone!

– Kassi E

This was the BEST experience I’ve had! I went with my friends and we had such a blast! I can’t wait to go back again! LOVED it!

– April C

Such a great time!!! Went with a group of friends and kept us on edge to entire time!!!

– Kathy J